Launch of the International Favela Conferences Marks a New Phase for CUFA Global in Sweden

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CUFA Global had the honor of inaugurating the International Favela Conferences series in Stockholm, Sweden, an event that not only marked the beginning of a new social agenda in the country but also symbolized a significant advance in the mission to promote positive social changes on a global scale.

This prestigious launch featured key figures from the global CUFA community, including the recent appointment of Luiz as president of CUFA Sweden. Luiz’s nomination is an important step to strengthen CUFA’s presence and influence in Swedish territory.

Among the notable participants were Karina Tavares, president of CUFA France, and Alexandra Krook, from the Sparks app, a partner of CUFA Sweden. Josef Vike, president of CUFA Gothenburg, and Claudio, representing Cohab 1 from São Paulo, were also present, among other essential collaborators who enriched the discussions with their experiences and insights.

The event showcased a unity and international cooperation, highlighting CUFA’s commitment to connect different cultures and experiences to foster innovative solutions to social challenges. The presence of leaders from various parts of the world reinforced the message that together, we can create a significant and lasting impact in combating adversities faced by marginalized communities.

CUFA Global is excited about the future collaboration and learning opportunities that will arise from this encounter. This is just the beginning of a series of conferences that promise to transform engagement and social action in all regions where CUFA operates, bringing hope and renewal to favelas and disadvantaged communities around the world.

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