CUFA Global Hosts International Favela Conference at the National Museum in the Democratic Republic of Congo


The CUFA Global team, along with His Excellency Mr. Miguel Griesbach de Pereira Franco, Chargé d’Affaires a.i., proudly hosted the International Favela Conference (IFC)...

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International Favela Conference Sparks Inspiration in the Democratic Republic of Congo


The International Favela Conference (IFC) recently made its impactful entry into the Democratic Republic of Congo, gathering community leaders, activists, and international delegates to...

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International Favela Conference Initiated in the Central African Republic


The International Favela Conference commenced in the Central African Republic. Our leaders prepared to welcome the community and present significant proposals for the G20...

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Conference in the Central African Republic: Preparations and Impact on African Favelas


The preparations for the International Favela Conference in the Central African Republic were in full swing! It was incredible to see every detail being...

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Building Connections Beyond Borders: CUFA Belgium Welcomes Brazilian Ambassador João Mendes Pereira at International Favela Conference


At the International Favela Conference in Belgium, themed ‘Building Connections Beyond Borders,’ CUFA had the privilege of hosting João Mendes Pereira, Brazil’s Ambassador to...

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CUFA Global Hosts International Favela Conference in Belgium, Initiating Engagement in G20 Social Agenda!


Today, May 13th, Belgium enthusiastically welcomed the International Favela Conference, marking the beginning of its involvement in the G20 social agenda. This event represented...

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CUFA around the world

With a strong and expanding presence, CUFA’s initiatives reach over 35 countries around the globe, impacting communities and fostering positive changes in diverse cultural and social contexts. Our global network reflects an unwavering commitment to providing opportunities and support where they are most needed.
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The Sustainable Development

The sustainable development goals are a global call to action to end poverty, protect the environment and climate, and ensure that people everywhere can enjoy peace and prosperity.

Discover the Pillars of CUFA

Humanitarian Action

CUFA has always been guided by and recognized for the humanitarian actions it developed. During the pandemic period, this characteristic of the institution gained even more strength. In this space, you can see the actions that CUFA implements to help favela residents alleviate the difficulties of social isolation.

Art and culture

The favela is characterized as a great power of art and culture. CUFA, aware of this, has always strengthened, developed and encouraged projects, events and artistic-cultural activities, providing opportunities for favela residents to develop their talents and gifts.

Community and Security

CUFA is always attentive to the well-being and security policies of favelas. Here you can check out the partnerships and projects that the institution develops, dialoguing with the most diverse sectors of society, thinking about the well-being of the entire community.

Human rights

All of CUFA’s actions, in the most diverse areas, focus on Human Rights, as a recognized institution and holder of three seats at the United Nations (Housing, Youth and African Descent).


In this session, you can see how CUFA’s actions are contributing to the economic development.


The favela resident is a born entrepreneur. Because of this premise, CUFA has always encouraged and encourages entrepreneurship in favelas around the world, through projects and partnerships, with the most diverse sectors of society.


CUFA has always seen sport as a great tool for social inclusion. The institution is a reference in the creation and idealization of sporting activities aimed at favela residents, being at the forefront of some of these actions. Among the major events developed by CUFA, the Favelas Cup, the CUFA Fight Festival (FLC) and LIBBRA (Brazilian Street Basketball League) stand out.

Family and Health

Humanity is going through one of the worst health crises in its history. CUFA is attentive and concerned about the health of the favela population. Here you can follow the actions that the institution develops for the health of residents of these territories.