A New Cycle Begins: Our Residents Taking Center Stage in Transformation

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The time has come that we’ve all been waiting for: to see our residents become the protagonists of their own stories! We are embarking on a new cycle of transformation, innovation, and influence, with the aim of globally empowering our favelas. And to mark this new beginning, our first conference has begun!

This event is not just a gathering, but the starting point for a series of significant changes. By taking part in this historic and social milestone, we are not just observing but creating a new chapter in the true story of our favelas. This is the moment to showcase to the world the true power that resides within the communities and favelas.

Being part of this conference is an opportunity to further transform the reality of the favelas, amplifying the voices of their residents and highlighting their untapped capabilities and talents. We are ready to unveil to the world not only the challenges faced but more importantly, the innovative and inspiring solutions emerging from this dynamic urban environment.

We are at a critical juncture, where involvement and collective action can accelerate progress and generate lasting impacts. Join us on this transformative journey and unite with us to empower the true strength of our favelas.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights on how this event is paving the way for an empowered future, rich in opportunities for all favela residents.

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