Welcome to IFC20: The International Favelas Conferences Are Coming!

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Get ready for an unprecedented event: the International Favelas Conferences. Starting tomorrow, we will begin to release the official agenda for the first stage of this global project, which promises to connect favelas from over 40 countries around the world.

This is a must-attend event for everyone interested in the current dynamics and developments of both national and international favela communities. Stay updated and engaged: follow the @cufaglobal profile and turn on notifications to not miss any updates. We are committed to showcasing all the movements and cultural exchanges that will take place throughout this project.

Prepare to be part of this global journey that will bring to light the voices, challenges, and achievements of favelas worldwide. More than just a series of conferences, IFC20 is a platform for dialogue, learning, and collective action.

Get ready, stay informed, and join us in this transformative experience!

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