Nuno Valera, Leader of CUFA Portugal, Highlights Commitment to Social Justice at European Commission Event

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Nuno Valera, recognized for his impactful work in vulnerable communities in Portugal and current president of CUFA Portugal, was invited to participate in an event organized by the European Commission.

During his interventions, Nuno addressed issues closely aligned with the essential work of CUFA Portugal, reinforcing the organization’s ongoing commitment to pursuing social justice, equity, and inclusion. His words resonated not only due to his expertise and experience but also because of the evident passion and dedication in his actions and speeches.

Nuno Valera’s presence at this European Commission event not only underscored the critical role of CUFA Portugal in promoting positive changes in the most vulnerable communities but also emphasized the importance of open dialogue and collaboration with entities like the European Commission to drive effective and comprehensive solutions.

This significant participation not only strengthens CUFA Portugal’s position as a catalyst for social impact but also showcases its dedication to addressing complex challenges and seeking innovative solutions that promote equality and justice for all. Nuno Valera and CUFA Portugal continue to inspire not just through words, but primarily through concrete actions that bring about real and lasting change.

This is a testament to the tireless commitment of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a fairer and more inclusive world, where every voice is heard, every person is valued, and every community has the opportunity to thrive and grow in equality.

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