CUFA Global Holds International Conference in Luxembourg Focused on Slum Communities

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Luxembourg hosted the significant CUFA Global International Conference, emphasizing the commitment to issues facing favela communities and featuring key figures in the development of these topics. The event brought together experts, activists, and community leaders to discuss and seek solutions for the social challenges faced by marginalized communities around the world.

Celso Athayde, a central figure in the favela social movement, attended alongside André Bezerril, Honorary Consul of Brazil in Luxembourg. The participation of such personalities not only heightened the prestige of the event but also underscored the importance of international collaboration for promoting social justice and inclusion.

The National Antiracist Front, along with CUFA, co-organized the event, receiving strong support from a network of committed partners. This joint effort highlighted an ongoing dedication to inclusivity and the fight for social justice, principles that are vital for the advancement of disadvantaged communities globally.

Before the formal start of the conference, a reception set the tone for discussion, focusing on inclusivity and representation. This opening allowed participants to exchange ideas and form significant alliances, creating an atmosphere of unity and solidarity that permeated the entire event.

The CUFA Global International Conference in Luxembourg proved to be a crucial stage for advancing issues related to the favelas, highlighting the importance of global platforms to amplify voices and experiences often underrepresented, and strengthening the global movement for social equity.

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