First International Favelas Conference Draws Global Attention

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On April 29th, CUFA Penha, located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, will host a historic event: the First International Favelas Conference (#CIF20). This unprecedented meeting was recently highlighted in Ancelmo Gois’ column in O Globo Newspaper, signaling the importance and reach of this initiative.

The conference results from a collaboration that started two years ago, led by CUFA Brasil in partnership with the National Anti-Racist Front and the FPF in defense of the favelas. This joint effort aims to highlight and address the critical issues faced by favela communities both in Brazil and abroad.

Supported by UNESCO Brasil and the Social G20, this ambitious project will not stop in Rio; similar conferences will be held in over 3,000 favelas across 40 countries worldwide. This underlines not only the unity and resilience of these communities but also their growing influence and voice on international platforms.

This is a significant moment for the visibility and advancement of favela issues and marks a turning point where their voices will be more heard and considered on a global scale. Don’t miss the chance to recognize the impact of this pioneering event.

For more information, join this crucial conversation about the future of favela communities around the world.

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