CUFA Sweden and Repower Join Forces to Offer Capoeira Rehabilitation Program to Ukrainian Military Doctors on the Frontlines of War

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Last week, CUFA Sweden and Repower joined forces in a gesture of solidarity and support for Ukrainian military doctors facing extraordinary challenges on the frontlines of war. In an innovative initiative, healthcare professionals were brought to Sweden to participate in a capoeira rehabilitation program, promoted by CUFA Sweden.

The event, held in partnership with Repower, provided military doctors a well-deserved break and an opportunity to engage in a unique form of physical and mental therapy. Guided by experienced instructors, participants were introduced to the fluid and rhythmic movements of capoeira, a Brazilian martial art known for its combination of dance, music, and acrobatics.

Participants expressed their deep gratitude for the opportunity to take part in the program, highlighting the positive impact capoeira had on their physical and mental health. Additionally, the experience provided a space for sharing stories and experiences, strengthening bonds of solidarity and camaraderie among healthcare professionals.

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