CUFA Rio Grande do Sul Makes its Mark at Emicida’s Spectacular Show, “Amarelo a Gira Final,” at Pepsi on Stage

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On April 6, 2024, the Central Única das Favelas (CUFA) made a significant presence at the grand musical event “Amarelo a Gira Final,” held by renowned singer Emicida at Pepsi on Stage. The show, which enchanted the audience, featured special participation from representatives of CUFA Rio Grande do Sul, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to culture and community.

The members Alessandra CUFA/Sapucaia, Viviane CUFA/Porto Alegre-Restinga, Pablo CUFA/São Leopoldo, and Marcelo, leadership of Tuca, were the representatives of CUFA Rio Grande do Sul at this high-profile event. Their presence was a tribute to the diversity and strength of the favelas, highlighting CUFA’s essential role in promoting social and cultural inclusion.

The spectacle was a celebration of music and art, bringing together people from different backgrounds in an unforgettable experience. CUFA Rio Grande do Sul is proud to have been part of this historic moment, strengthening its ties with the community and reaffirming its commitment to the empowerment of the peripheries.

Check out some snapshots of this memorable night and be inspired by the energy and vibrancy that pervaded this unique event. CUFA Global will continue to support and promote cultural initiatives that contribute to the positive transformation of communities worldwide.

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