CUFA Luxembourg Welcomes the Renowned Capoeira Master Tubarão in a Landmark Cultural Exchange Event

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On March 15th, CUFA Luxembourg had the honor of opening its doors to welcome a unique figure in the capoeira universe: the renowned master, Tubarão. In a landmark event for the community, students and enthusiasts of Afro-Brazilian culture had the unique opportunity to interact and learn from one of the leading exponents of this art.

Under the auspices of promoting cultural and educational enrichment, Master Tubarão conducted a capoeira workshop that transcended the limits of physical space, immersing participants in a fascinating journey through the history, tradition, and movements of this unique form of cultural expression.

The workshop, held at the facilities of CUFA Luxembourg, was an immersive and enriching experience where students were guided through the intricate movements of capoeira and imbued with the values of respect, discipline, and self-expression that characterize this ancestral art.

In addition to providing a practical learning opportunity, the event served as a gathering point for the community, where people from various backgrounds and ages came together to celebrate cultural diversity and the richness of the Afro-Brazilian heritage.

Master Tubarão, known for his dedication to the preservation and promotion of capoeira worldwide, shared not only his technical knowledge but also his passion for the art and his commitment to empowering youth through culture.

The impact of this event goes beyond the walls of CUFA Luxembourg, echoing in the local community and inspiring future generations to value and preserve the cultural traditions that make our society so rich and diverse.

CUFA Luxembourg expresses its gratitude to Master Tubarão for his visit and for sharing his wisdom and talent with our community. This special encounter reaffirms CUFA’s commitment to promoting inclusion, mutual respect, and intercultural understanding, strengthening the bonds of solidarity and cooperation in our globalized society.

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