CUFA Global Leading Innovation at the International Favela Conference in Kazakhstan

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CUFA Global, a renowned organization dedicated to the inclusion and empowerment of marginalized communities, took center stage at the recent International Favela Conference in Kazakhstan. In this pivotal gathering, CUFA Global not only presented its global perspectives and solutions to local challenges but also assumed a prominent role in the debate about the importance of amplifying the voices of favelas in global dialogues.

By engaging participants with crucial and pressing agendas, CUFA Global showcased its commitment to addressing urgent issues affecting communities worldwide. The emphasis on the centrality of peripheries and social inclusion guided discussions, highlighting the need for concrete and transformative actions to promote equity on a global scale.

Through strategic collaborations, CUFA Global is shaping proposals that will directly impact the social agenda of the upcoming G20 summit. By amplifying the voices of favelas globally, the organization seeks to effectively transform realities and catalyze positive changes on an international level.

Stay tuned for CUFA Global’s upcoming initiatives, as it continues to be an active voice in advocating for marginalized communities, promoting inclusion, and driving actions that lead to transformative impacts on the global stage. Together, towards a more just and supportive future for all.

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