CUFA Global Makes Presence at the 26th Brazilian Film Festival in Paris

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On the 1nd of April, 2024, CUFA Global had the privilege to actively participate in the 26th edition of the Brazilian Film Festival in Paris. Under the leadership of coordinator Karina Tavares, the team presented CUFA’s projects in France, along with sharing updates about the upcoming Expo Favela Paris.

The event was marked by a meeting with the entire CUFA France team, providing a space for idea exchange and future planning. To further enrich the moment, we had the musical performance by Kayode, whose talent shone even brighter after developing his first EP with CUFA’s support last month.

We express our deep gratitude to our partners @jangada for providing this incredible opportunity, and to all attendees who contributed to making this moment memorable. Together, we continue to advance in promoting culture and social inclusion, expanding our horizons, and inspiring positive changes worldwide.

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