CUFA Global Hosts International Favela Conference in Belgium, Initiating Engagement in G20 Social Agenda!

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Today, May 13th, Belgium enthusiastically welcomed the International Favela Conference, marking the beginning of its involvement in the G20 social agenda. This event represented a pivotal moment of preparation to nurture new perspectives and skills.

The opportunity to present our concept and share our transformative vision of favelas with so many countries was truly special. In Belgium, we once again witnessed the power of this exchange of experiences, enabling us to understand the needs of peripheral communities worldwide.

The International Favela Conferences organized by CUFA Global stand out as significant milestones, bringing together leaders and activists from around the globe to discuss critical issues and explore innovative solutions.

Congratulations to all involved in this historic initiative, further strengthening the role of favelas on the global stage and driving efforts to build a more inclusive and just world. We will continue to move forward together, inspired by the transformative potential of peripheral communities.

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