CUFA Global Hosts International Favela Conference at the National Museum in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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The CUFA Global team, along with His Excellency Mr. Miguel Griesbach de Pereira Franco, ChargĂ© d’Affaires a.i., proudly hosted the International Favela Conference (IFC) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This landmark event took place in an exceptionally special venue: the National Museum of Congo.

The choice of the National Museum as the conference venue added a profound cultural significance to the event, highlighting the rich history and heritage of the Congo. It provided an inspiring backdrop for the vital discussions and exchanges that took place during the conference.

The IFC gathered a diverse group of community leaders, activists, and international delegates, all committed to addressing the challenges faced by marginalized communities. The presence of Mr. Miguel Griesbach de Pereira Franco underscored the importance of international cooperation and diplomatic support in advancing social inclusion and justice.

Throughout the conference, participants engaged in dynamic discussions, sharing experiences and strategies to empower favelas and similar communities around the world. The emphasis on the prominent role of Black women as speakers was particularly noteworthy, celebrating their crucial contributions to social movements and community development.

The enthusiasm and engagement of all attendees were palpable, reflecting a shared dedication to driving positive change. The conference served as a powerful platform for fostering unity, generating innovative ideas, and developing actionable solutions to be included in the G20 social agenda.

As the conference concluded, the sense of collective purpose and solidarity among participants was stronger than ever. The ideas and initiatives born from this event are poised to make a significant impact on global social development efforts.

The International Favela Conference in the Democratic Republic of Congo not only highlighted critical social issues but also celebrated the resilience and creativity of communities working towards a better future. CUFA Global remains committed to championing inclusivity and empowerment, inspired by the success of this remarkable event.

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