International Favela Conference in the Chapadão, Pavuna/RJ

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The International Favela Conference, held on May 10 at the Chapadão Complex in Pavuna/RJ, marked a milestone in the unity of favelas towards building a more just and inclusive social future. Witnessing this inspiring collaboration, we acknowledge the vital importance of favelas’ experiences and narratives, now pivotal in global G20 discussions.

The opportunity to share experiences and foster mutual learning within favelas during the conference was truly enriching. With productive dialogues, idea exchanges, and community empowerment, we celebrated the conclusion of an extraordinary event. Beyond just a conference, this gathering symbolizes a collective achievement for favelas, demonstrating the power of unity and collaboration in striving for positive global changes.

Our congratulations to collaborators Ivan Pedro Alves and Andrea Martins from the Terra da Benção Association in the Favela do Chapadão, along with all residents who made significant contributions. These exemplary individuals are true representatives of the resilience and determination of favelas, inspiring us all with their commitment and dedication. The active presence and engagement of these participants reflect the strength and resolve of communities and favelas in positively influencing the global landscape.

This transformative event reaffirms our commitment to promoting inclusion, diversity, and empowerment within marginalized communities. We stand united in the pursuit of a more equitable and supportive future, where the voices of favelas are heard and valued in all spheres of society. Together, we are agents of significant and lasting change.

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