CUFA Cameroon is received by Roger Milla.

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CUFA Cameroon was distinctly honored to be received by one of the most iconic figures in African and global football, affectionately known as the “PELÉ of Africa.” His Excellency, Ambassador Roger Milla, who famously led Cameroon to victory over Argentina’s Diego Maradona in the 1990 World Cup, met with CUFA Cameroon to discuss the upcoming “FAVELAS CUP AFRICA” championship.

The meeting with Ambassador Milla was a momentous occasion, highlighting his enduring commitment to the development of football across Africa. Mr. Milla has graciously agreed to serve as the “BRAND AMBASSADOR OF AFRICA CUP,” lending his influential image and leveraging his extensive network to support the championship. His connections with FIFA, CAF, and other prominent figures in football will be instrumental in raising the profile of the FAVELAS CUP AFRICA.

The championship aims to showcase emerging talents and reinforce the positive impact of football in African communities. With Mr. Milla’s endorsement, the event is set to attract significant attention and support, creating opportunities for young athletes to shine on an international stage.

CUFA Cameroon is immensely grateful for Ambassador Milla’s commitment and looks forward to a successful collaboration that will inspire and uplift the next generation of football stars. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the journey towards making FAVELAS CUP AFRICA a beacon of excellence in the world of sports.

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