Conference in the Central African Republic: Preparations and Impact on African Favelas

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The preparations for the International Favela Conference in the Central African Republic were in full swing! It was incredible to see every detail being carefully planned to empower African favelas. Truly inspiring!

The conference began with a warm welcome and impeccable organization, creating a welcoming environment for all participants. The effort and dedication of everyone involved were evident, ensuring the event’s success from the start.

We were excited about the valuable exchanges of experiences and knowledge that took place during the event. These interactions are crucial for promoting solidarity and developing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by peripheral communities. The International Favela Conference in the Central African Republic marked another significant milestone in CUFA Global’s mission to promote inclusion and social transformation worldwide.

We thank all the participants, organizers, and collaborators who made this event possible. Together, we will continue to work towards a more just and inclusive future for all favelas globally.

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