Celso Athayde and Marcus Vinícius Athayde meet with the Angolan ambassador to the United Kingdom, Geraldo Nunda.

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On May 16, Celso Athayde, founder of the Central Única das Favelas (CUFA), and his son Marcus Vinícius Athayde, current president of CUFA Global, embarked on a series of visits to CUFA offices around the world. During one of these visits, while passing through the United Kingdom, they had the opportunity to meet with Angola’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Geraldo Nunda, who holds the position of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador.

The meeting was described as productive and marked by enriching exchanges for both parties. The presence of CUFA in Angola was a central theme of the discussion, reflecting the organization’s commitment to promoting social inclusion and community development in various countries. CUFA, known for its initiatives aimed at empowering marginalized communities, sees collaboration with diplomatic representatives as a way to strengthen its international ties and expand its global impact.

Celso and Marcus highlighted the importance of these visits and meetings in consolidating CUFA’s presence on the international stage. They expressed gratitude for Ambassador Geraldo Nunda’s warm reception and reiterated their commitment to continuing collaboration with Angola, where CUFA already has an active office dedicated to implementing projects that promote education, culture, sports, and citizenship.

The meeting in the United Kingdom represents a significant step for CUFA, underscoring the relevance of strategic partnerships and intercultural dialogue in building a more just and equitable future. The exchange of experiences and knowledge between CUFA and Angolan representatives strengthens the organization’s mission to transform realities and inspire positive changes in the communities it serves.

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Rafaella Ribeiro

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