Building Connections Beyond Borders: CUFA Belgium Welcomes Brazilian Ambassador João Mendes Pereira at International Favela Conference

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At the International Favela Conference in Belgium, themed ‘Building Connections Beyond Borders,’ CUFA had the privilege of hosting João Mendes Pereira, Brazil’s Ambassador to Belgium. This event exemplified CUFA’s commitment to embracing diversity and embracing every unique voice and experience as an opportunity for mutual understanding and growth.

Members of CUFA Belgium demonstrated their teamwork and dedication by proudly sporting CUFA-branded attire, symbolizing their allegiance to the cause. Being part of a team means fully embracing its values, and they are eager to represent with pride.

The presence of Ambassador João Mendes Pereira underscored the importance of international collaboration and dialogue in addressing challenges encountered by marginalized communities worldwide. His participation further reinforced CUFA’s dedication to fostering connections and driving positive change on a global scale.

Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring narratives from CUFA Global’s endeavors, where unity, solidarity, and empowerment remain central to our mission.

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